How to remove bad smell from split ac


How to remove bad smell from split ac

Have you ever switched on your split ac only to notice a bad smell inside the room? The first sign of this is an intense musty odour. Let's see how we can get rid of bad smell from split ac.

How to remove bad smell from split ac - Air conditioning units are not immune to making our surroundings stink. We have often seen the air-con unit in our room giving out a musty smell. This is because of high humidity in the room and due to poor ventilation. Sometimes it may be that the AC filters need to be cleaned or there may be fungus and bacteria accumulated and causing bad odour .

There are three ways to clean the filters :-

  • 1. Clean the filters with dish-washing soap
  • 2. Clean the filters with white vinegar
  • 3. Clean the filters with baking powder
  • After you clean it, leave it to dry before using it again.
  • If your air conditioning unit has an air filter, then you need to remove this and clean it by either vacuuming it or washing it with warm water and a mild detergent. Allow it to dry completely before putting it back.
  • Another way to remove bad smell from split ac is to get the coils cleaned . You can either do this by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Coil cleaning helps in removing all the dirt that has accumulated in the coils.
  • Clean AC ducts to remove bad smell from split ac
  • One of the main causes for a musty odour is that the air conditioning unit is situated in an area with little or no ventilation . This leads to water vapours accumulating inside and causing fungus and molds to grow on the inner walls. This leads to a bad smell .
  • The solution to this is that you need to have air ducts installed outside your house. You can get it done from a professional or do it yourself using a metal ducting and attaching an outdoor grill at the end of each duct. The outdoor grills allow proper ventilation and its flow helps in removing humidity from the room which in turn reduces the bad odour.
  • Bad smell from split ac can be removed by cleaning its coils, air filters and air ducts. Cleaning the inside of your house properly will also help in removing bad odour .

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